Alonso Dominguez

Alonso is a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Mechanical Engineering working under the supervision of Professor Leon Glicksman. His research project focuses on the design, modelling and operation of high-efficiency commercial buildings, with the overarching goal of reducing their energy consumption, and related CO2 emissions. In particular, he studies the thermal and air flow dynamics of a building, and how they relate to its geometry, massing, ventilation system and thermal comfort performance.

Alonso uses the results of his work to create design software and to establish operation guidelines that architects and building managers can use with confidence. Although most of his work involves running and analyzing Computational Fluid Dynamics simulations, he has also had the opportunity to help monitoring real buildings in the United States, Japan and China. Being a Martin Family Fellow allows him to continue his research work, as well as to share ideas and experiences with a remarkable group of students, all striving for a more sustainable future.