Anjuli Figueroa

Anjuli earned her BS. in Civil and Environmental Engineering from University of Michigan, 2009, a MSc. Technology and Policy from M.I.T, 2012 and is currently working on her PhD in Civil and Environmental Engineering at M.I.T.

She is interested in studying the coupling of the built and the natural environment, in particular how we manage our natural resources (i.e water and land) and the economic and environmental impacts of different management strategies. Anjuli’s current projects include the following: 1) a study of groundwater depletion, the strategic drivers and incentives for unsustainable use, and weather water markets could reduce depletion. The rationale for the study is to quantify how water markets might increase the sustainable use of water. 2) a study of different agricultural management strategies (irrigation, fertilization, tilling, pesticide use etc.) and the tradeoffs between yield, environmental impacts and costs under the different strategies. The rationale for this study is that better information between these tradeoffs could lead to more sustainable land use and management practices in agriculture.

To further sustainability at MIT, Anjuli also participates as a member of the MIT Water Club as a part of the organizing team for the MIT Water Summit and participate in MIT Food and Ag Club events.