Emmie Le Roy

Emmie Le Roy is a third-year PhD candidate in the Department of Earth, Atmospheric & Planetary Sciences at MIT. Her research in the Selin Group seeks to address uncertainty in future projections of climate and air quality. Her work to date focuses on understanding how surface ozone, an important component of smog, will respond to changes in precursor emissions in a future climate. This has implications for assessing whether emission control policies designed under a present-day climate will remain effective under a future climate. Her work leverages recent advances in high-performance computing to run chemical transport models using meteorological inputs from “ensembles” of climate model projections.

Emmie obtained her Sc.B. in Geology-Chemistry from Brown University. Her honors thesis investigated the sources of ammonium pollution in rainwater using stable isotope analysis. While at Brown, she also taught environmental science lessons to high school students in Providence, Rhode Island. Prior to starting her PhD, she worked for a global grassroots air-pollution monitoring network based in St. Louis, Missouri.