Kiley Feickert

Kiley Feickert is a practicing architect pursuing her PhD in Architecture at MIT, working in Building Technology. She aims to dramatically reduce embodied carbon in buildings and increase access to affordable construction through the critical evaluation of business-as-usual construction methods and materials. Her research evaluates the effectiveness of deploying existing policies and materially efficient design to impactfully reduce material consumption in buildings. This includes developing methods and tools to inform embodied carbon policy with bottom-up modeling techniques that incorporate structural systems optimized for material efficiency.

Kiley is also the Chief Product Officer of Forma Systems, an MIT spinoff that engineers code-compliant building products using significantly less material than conventional products to reduce cost and the environmental impacts of construction. Before joining the Building Technology Lab at MIT, Kiley practiced as an architectural designer in New York City and London. Most recently, she worked on the design and construction of Google’s headquarters in London and Mountain View.